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Podcaster Todd Starnes Just Revealed the Depth of Pence’s Betrayl

One thing that we’ve learned from this entire 2020 fiasco is what a traitor Mike Pence was.


This man was running the “NeverTrump” sabotage game since day one.

How did he do it?

Well, he started by stacking Trump’s administration with an army of #NeverTrumpers.

Yes, it was Mike Pence who was in charge of personnel decisions.

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He was the guy overseeing the installation of all the former Bush, McCain, and Romney staffers.

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These people worked in stunning ways to cripple Trump’s presidency, through leaks, backstabbing, and refusing to push through his agenda.

And let’s not forget who was the head of the COVID task force: Mike Pence.

This is what Dems used to help bring down Trump with all those mail-in ballots…

They used COVID.

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But you don’t have to take my word for what a traitor Pence is…Podcaster Todd Starnes has some insider info on that very subject.

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Here’s what Todd said:

“Sources tell me that Pence’s team wined and dined Never Trumpers along with “conservative” pundits who actively campaigned against family values legislation.”

So, “Christian” Mike Pence is wining and dining Never Trumpers and fake conservative who are pushing a leftist narrative.


We were suckers, weren’t we?


I was never a fan of Mike Pence – he’s far too “establishment” and buttoned-up for my taste, but I didn’t peg him to be the “Deep Throat” of the entire operation.

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But that’s exactly who he was.

Mike Pence is the ultimate and most dangerous swamper and the #1 saboteur who helped take President Trump out.



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