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Was the ‘Foreign Interference’ in Our Election a Head Fake? Was It Domestic Interference Only? Or Was It a Combination of Both?

Was the whole “foreign interference in our election” charade a red herring ALL ALONG to divert attention from a REAL plan to attack the election FROM THE INSIDE and with FAKE VOTES in the swing states?

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a bill in Congress in May 2019, “Senators Introduce Bill to Strengthen Election Interference Law”, but the bill only focused on FOREIGN interference, not domestic interference!

Was the plan already hatched to SCARE local and state election officials with potential FOREIGN interference in the election, and point them to US-based firms, like Dominion Voting Systems, who just happened to be contributors to the Clinton Foundation and hiring DC lobbying firms such as the one that Pelosi’s former chief of staff was a principal?  And all of the firms just HAPPENED to be working with the DHS/CISA agency in an advisory role.  It seems that someone was “vouching” for these US voting technology companies to “reduce the risk of foreign intervention”, yet sending them, and the hope of “free and fair elections”, head-long right into the lion’s den!

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Watching these videos of these election boards being pitched by Dominion Voting Systems, one gets the impression that the boards were OVERWHELMED by the complexity and magnitude of the purchasing, installing, and managing such an enormous system, such as the 34,000 machines purchased in Georgia just months before an election.  It seems that these boards just acquiesced to Dominion and let them do what they do.  And in doing so, they ignored the OBVIOUS INSIDER THREAT in hiring a company such as Dominion without adequate oversight, certification, auditing, monitoring, and internal controls.

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Of course, COVID and the major lockdowns in Democratic states gave them one more way to cover another aspect of their fraud, a massive mail-in voting scheme, a scheme designed to overwhelm neighborhood city and county precincts, and forcing them to gather CROWDS of poll workers in massive spaces that poll observers could be kept far away due to social distancing.

And the chaos created by thrusting poll workers, election officials, poll workers into a powder keg of ballot counting emotion and distrust into what is supposed to be a fair and orderly process seems nothing less than intentional.   Something we’ve learned a lot over the past few months when “peaceful protestors” and “Trump supporters” meet up on the street just after dark.

These election officials were victims of a high-stakes game of the classic “Shell Game Con”, with high-ranking Government officials being the “shills” that were “in on the game”.

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But now, China’s media is happy to outwardly align with the Biden gang:

The victim was the United States of America, and a “free and fair” election.  Were the culprits foreign, domestic or both?

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